Casino Royale (1967) [British]

Jacqueline plays "Miss Goodthighs" in this long James Bond spoof/farce. [Some contemporary magazine articles refer to her character as "Giovanna Goodthighs"; but the first name is never used in the movie.] I believe this is the only film in which she is billed as "Jacky Bisset" (cf. "Cul de Sac").

The film had five directors, including John Huston (see also "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" and "Under the Volcano") and Ken Hughes (see "Arrivederci, Baby"). However, Jacqueline's scenes were directed by Joe McGrath ("The Magic Christian") and Robert Parrish. French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo has a small role in "Casino Royale"; he would later co-star with Jacqueline in another spy spoof, "Le Magnifique".

Jacqueline says about Orson Welles: [W]e ended up having really dumb conversations. I can't imagine why, but for some reason I was always very interested in what he'd had for breakfast that morning!

And about Ursula Andress: With me she couldn't have been kinder. She did something nobody had dared do till then: gave me a good kick in the ass! Without beating around the bush, she hit me with: "Sit up straight and put your shoulders back and stick your chest out and be a woman! Walk like a woman! Stop hiding!" [Hello!, #248, 1993.]

"Casino Royale" is available on video. Interestingly, Jacqueline's face is included in the cover artwork, though her name is not mentioned anywhere on the box. The portrait looks like its from about 1976, not from 1967.