This site is just my homage to Jacqueline Bisset. All opinions are mine (John Bartelt), except as otherwise noted. Nothing on this site should be construed as an endorsement by Jacqueline Bisset or her management. Apparently she is aware of this page's existence, but not much more.

This site always under construction.

I try to answer as many e-mails as possible, but I have had trouble replying some to some e-mail addresses. If you were hoping to hear from me, please try e-mailing me again.

AOL Users: I have had several complaints from AOL users that they can't see the pictures. The problem is with your settings. One AOL user told me that he fixed this by selecting "Uncompressed Graphics" on his AOL WWW Preferences Page. This will certainly do more good than swearing at me.

How many times has this pages been accessed? ABUNCH
For the first 10 months of this site's existence (when it was on the phyv02 server), the front page averaged 8000 hits per month. For the first 8 months or so on the spies server, I didn't track the hits at all. Now I have a counter; I am getting roughly 150 to 200 hits per day.

Jacqueline Bisset Fans Around the World
World map

The world map above shows the countries (in dark green) from which Jacqueline Bisset fans have e-mailed (as far as I can tell; if I've missed yours, let me know). The lighter blue-green indicates countries for which I have had hits, but not yet had e-mail.

Of course, the map can be a little misleading. One e-mail from Russia accounts for a lot of green. At the other end, you can hardly see Hong Kong (that e-mail was before it reverted to China, so I didn't color all of the PRC). I still haven't heard from anyone in Antarctica.

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