With the link below, you can e-mail me, John Bartelt, the creator and maintainer of the Jacqueline Bisset Appreciation Page. You can not e-mail Jacqueline Bisset, who does not have an e-mail address, as far as I know. Nor can I forward messages to her. I'm just one fan.

But I am always happy to hear from other fans.

e-mail: bartelt@mindspring.com

PS: I reply to almost all e-mail. But if you don't give me your correct e-mail address, obviously I can't reply.

PPS: Occasionally people have the urge to e-mail me a copy of their favorite Jacqueline Bisset photo, or something of that sort. Before sending a large file, please contact me. Though I have a fast internet connection, I have lots of photos that are not in this site's gallery. Thanks.

New Discussion Forum

A longtime Jacqueline Bisset fan and regular correspondent, who happens to be names "Jackie" has set up a new discussion forum/email list at Yahoo. Here is the webpage to sign up.