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10 July 2007

See the NEW! links below.

NEW! Discussion Forum

A longtime Jacqueline Bisset fan and regular correspondent, who happens to be names "Jackie" has set up a new discussion forum/email list at Yahoo. Here is the webpage to sign up.

The following are various links I have gleaned from the web recently, or that have been sent to me by other fans. I give no guarantee about the accuracy of information they supply, nor do I endorse any of the merchants. These links are provided for your convenience only.

2003 Article/Interview

This isn't a new article, but I just found it: an article/interview with Jacqueline on the occasion of the DVD release of "Day for Night". You have to scroll about halfway down the page; look for her picture.

"Celebrities Fans" pages

NEW! Here's a site providing pages and links for many celebrities: www.celebritiesfans.com, including Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Bisset on TV

To find out when Jacqueline will be on TV this month, go to the TVNow Jacqueline Bisset Page. You might also want to check their listings for other stars, etc.

Jacqueline Bisset IMDb

The Internet Movie Database has a filmography that is usually pretty up-to-date and complete. They now also have some nice pictures.

Online Interviews

Mr. ShowBiz interview at Sundance 2001. You'll need Windows Media player to view.

It's a few years old now: link to a chat with Jacqueline. It includes a transcript and a RealAudio recording. About 25 minutes into it, you'll find this excerpt:
Chickie98 asks "Do you know of any websites about yourself?"

JacquelineBisset says "I know there are some. I don't have a computer and don't understand them. There's an appreciation page apparently or something.

HLHost says "that's nice."

JacquelineBisset says "mm hmm."

Cool, huh?

Article and interview at "The Seasoned Citizen" (from 1999).

Hollywood.com Interview clips This page has two interviews with Jacqueline, each divided into several RealAudio files. One set is from the time of "La Cérémonie", the other "Dangerous Beauty".

Hollywood.com Golden Globes 2000 This page has filmed interviews with several movie stars as they arrived for the 2000 Golden Globes, including Jacqueline. The clips are available in QuickTime (.mov), RealVideo, and WindowsMedia formats.

Printed Interview at Film Unlimited, from May, 1999.

NEW! An interview with Emin Boztepe from 1998, which touches on his relationship with Jacqueline.

Eonline Video This page has links for a clip from "Rich and Famous" (1981), in both Quicktime and RealVideo formats. Unfortunately, the other links, for the "Dangerous Beauty" trailer, don't work.

Sites With Jacqueline Bisset Merchandise


Linda Tresham sells various magazine back issues, including some with Jacqueline Bisset. (I've updated the link.) I have ordered from Linda several times and found her to be very reliable. If you buy some magazines, tell her you heard about her site here.

Pictures, Videos, etc.

French film Posters For Sale (including some with Jacqueline)

Jacqueline Bisset autographs for sale. A number of autographed photos of Jacqueline are offered. Company's home page.

Steve Granitz Photography sells exclusive celebrity photos (not cheap). Type "Bisset" into the search box and click search.

Canadian Video Retailer They carry videos in French and English, including several hard-to-find Jacqueline movies: "La Femme du Manche" ("The Sunday Woman") and "Les Marmottes" (a French comedy). You have to look in the French catalog to find these. Some are used.

"Hoffman's Hunger" - Dutch Distributor. This site describes (in English) the mini-series "Hoffman's Hunger", starring Jacqueline Bisset and Elliott Gould. Unfortunately, they do not sell retail. There is a Quicktime preview - but it doesn't include Jacqueline.

Sites With One or More Pictures of Jacqueline

Spanish-language Fan Website. Quite a bit of information and photos.

Corbis another stock photography website. Search for "Bisset". You can see various size previews for free.

Russian magazine article with photos. (You need a Cyrillic font for the text to view properly.)

Fan site at NBCi.com. A lot of photos and some other links. An e-mail newsgroup. (Don't get excited by the Jacqueline Bisset e-mail address: it doesn't go to her, it goes the person who set up this site.)

WireImage is a website where media outlets can get photos from events. You can see small previews for free. Type "Bisset" into the search box. Or go to the Sundance Film Festival (2001) page, and from there go to days 4, 5, 6, or 8.

Miami Film Festival (2000) has a small photo from "People Who Love Each Other".

Yahoo!Movies has some nice new photos and other stuff.

Taormina FilmFest 2000 Page about "New Year's Day".

Entertainment Weekly Online has an article with photo about "Let the Devil Wear Black" at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

Movie Images (vid-caps) of Jacqueline, from "The Deep". Part of a site with photos of women celebrities underwater.

German TV guide has a picture and short bio of this "Traumfrau" ("Dream Woman").

German Site with filmography, small B&W pictures, etc.

Movie Images (vid-caps) of Jacqueline. [link updated again, 24/3/2001]

Jacqueline's Navel Yes, this guy has collected pictures of celebrities' belly-buttons.

Mr. Showbiz: "Romantically linked" purports to list celebrities romantic involvements. They list Victor Drai as Jacqueline's spouse, which is incorrect.

Picture of Jacqueline She was there when an award was presented.

Worlds Top 100 Most Beautiful Women/Jacqueline Bisset Somebody ranks her as only the 9th in his top 100. [June, 1999; the list is gone.]

The Celebrity Web Jacqueline Bisset Page A curious site: they have posted some of my scans (from the gallery) without acknowledging where they came from (of course, I don't hold a copyright). They have some other photos, too, but they are pretty bad scans. They used to have a biographical sketch which sounded strangely familiar (I cite my sources), but that's gone. Well, they do have a link to my page...
But don't let me prejudice you; go ahead and take a look, you may find something of interest. You now have to scan down the page about half way to get to Jacqueline; click on the camera to get to their gallery. The link now listed is current as of 23 July 1998; it loaded, but sometimes is slow responding. They used to have their own domain (www.celebrityweb.com).

A Tribute to Jacqueline Bisset Another's fan site, with several of my scans.

Daily Dish (9/13/96) Small B+W photo, quote from Jacqueline about her favorite music (her 52nd birthday).

Under the Volcano Site about Malcolm Lowry and "Under the Volcano"; includes picture of John Huston, Albert Finney and Jacqueline Bisset.

Online Articles about Jacqueline

[new] March, 1998, interview in "Venice" (California) magazine.

January, 1997 from "GO50" ("Generation Over 50"). (Yet another site that has borrowed one my scans!). {site is gone now]

Hard to Categorize...

Other odd sites with some Jacqueline Bisset connection

Jacqueline Bisset's Driveway Jacqueline's page on this site for "Driveways of the Rich and Famous".

A Japanese Site (I think).

Write to Celebrities - including Jacqueline This site says they will forward your letter to the celebrity you choose from their list. I have linked to their "B"-page.

Star Archive Jacqueline Bisset page Has a very incomplete filmography; but does have some other interesting information. See also the Star Archive Home Page.

Great Quotations - Jacqueline Bisset One site disappeared, but this one still has her quotation about character.

Festival de Cannes 1973 A summary of the 1973 Film Festival; Jacqueline is mentioned as the "Etoile de Cannes".

Santa Monica - Theater And Performances Mentions Jacqueline's participation in recording a radio play "An Ideal Husband", for broadcast on NPR and BBC. [link is gone]

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