Murder on the Orient Express (1974) [British]

Jacqueline plays "Countess Andrenyi" in this star-studded murder mystery based on the Agatha Christie novel. Directed by Sidney Lumet. Michael York played "Count Andrenyi", the Countess's husband. York appeared with Jacqueline in "September" more than 20 years later. Another member of the cast, Jean-Pierre Cassel, has appeared in no fewer than three other movies with Jacqueline: "Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?", "The Maid", and "La Cérémonie". I'm not aware of anyone else who has appeared in four movies with Jacqueline.

Jacqueline said: ...[A]n unknown face made up for the part of Hercule Poirot... "Who could this strange looking person be?" I asked myself... At night the stranger would quickly disappear to a theatre he was working in. Finally, on the last day of filming, as everyone was milling around the set saying their goodbyes, the mystery man showed up without make-up. "Oh, my God, it's Albert Finney!" I couldn't believe I'd spent eight weeks at his side without recognising him. His is what I'd call a good character impersonation, yes, sir! [Jacqueline had appeared seven years earlier with Finney in "Two for the Road", and later starred with him in "Under the Volcano".]

Although the cast of women was impressive to say the least, my favourite, not putting anyone else down, was Rachel Roberts.... Knowing that she was a grand lady of the stage, I dared to comment one day that certain theatre actors made me feel, unwittingly I'm sure, like a simple "girl who does movies." "Don't let them overwhelm you. They're all dying to be in a film," she said categorically. At my look of amazement she explained that not all stage actors are good for film. Or vice versa. [Hello!, #248, 1993.]

"Murder on the Orient Express" is available on video.