Thank you for your interest in the DVD of SWING.

The SWING DVD was quietly released into the rental market on Tuesday, January 24th. As of today, it seems to be available for rental through Netflix and for sale through any number of vendors, including Borders, Barnes&Noble, and will, no doubt, carry it soon. Our distributor has told us that more vendors will come on board as demand builds. With an independent release like ours, vendors react conservatively until people request a title.

We have decided not to offer the DVD for sale on the website due to the administrative details of handling merchandise sales.

We, therefore, encourage you to rent or purchase the DVD through your favorite vendor. The more people who request SWING, the more available it will become. If youyou can do in that regard will be hugely appreciated. If you like SWING, and have an opportunity to express your opinion about on the internet, such as the movie recommendation message board on the AARP website ( - right side of page), that could give the DVD an extra boost.

Again, thank you for your interest in SWING. It is always good to hear from people, and I hope you'll be back in touch once you've had the chance to see the film (again, or for the first time) and the special features. Those of us who put our hearts and souls into this film, hope you enjoy it.

Mary Keil
Executive Producer/Writer