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new!   An interview with Joan Hamburg (WOR) about "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving" (6 MB mp4).

These mp3 clips run from 30 seconds to almost 2 minutes (from 0.4 to 1.2 MB in size). The first 6 date from the release of "La Cérémonie" (1995); the later 9 are from the release of "Dangerous Beauty" (1997). However, they cover a range of topics.


commercial for "Secret" perfume 560 kB Quicktime movie


"People Who Love Each Other" ("Les Gens Qui S'Aiment") 3.4MB Quicktime trailer (in French)

"Swing" 13.6MB Quicktime trailer

"Latter Days" 12.1MB Windows Media trailer

"Fascination" 7.0MB Quicktime trailer


Golden Globes red carpet 2000 6.8MB Quicktime movie

Orinda Film Fest 2003 - opening remarks 282kB mp3
Orinda Film Fest 2003 - question about dancing 959kB mp3

Online chat (1998?) 43.7MB mp3 - note: very large file! Over 30 minutes long. Unfortunately, there is an annoying buzz.

last updated 20 October 2008