Secrets (1971) [American]

a.k.a.: Quadrangle, Adultery

Fairly pretentious art film, notable only for love scene between "Jenny" (Jacqueline Bisset) and "Raoul" (Per Oscarsson). Filmed in 1971, it didn't receive wide release until 1978, after Jacqueline had become famous for "The Deep". There may have been a limited or trial release in 1975 under the name "Quadrangle". I have a poster and some lobby cards with that date and title for this movie. The "Quadrangle" lobby cards refer to the character as "Jacky" instead of "Jenny". Directed by Philip Saville.

"Secrets" was released on video, in both 86 minute and 92 minute versions; I don't know if it is currently available. It has also been released on video under the title "Adultery".

Not to be confused with the TV movie "Secrets", a.k.a., "Danielle Steele's 'Secrets'" costarring Josie Bissett (there have been quite a few other movies titled "Secrets").