Wild Orchid (1990) [American]

Jacqueline plays a supporting role ("Claudia") in this sensual drama (though she has second billing, right after the title). The focus of the film is on Carré Otis's character, Emily, a demure, midwestern young woman who moves to New York and immediately lands a job with a big international law firm. She is sent to Brazil to help close a deal. Claudia is her supervisor/mentor. There she meets, and is ultimately seduced by "Wheeler" (clever name for a deal-maker), played by Mickey Rourke. Rourke and Otis were romantically involved off and on during and after this film.

It was widely reported that the role of Claudia was originally going to be played by Anne Archer, but that she dropped out because the movie was too erotic. Cindy Crawford has said that she was offered the role of Emily, but "dodged that bullet".

"Wild Orchid" is available on video.