Les Marmottes (1993) [French]

A French comedy, not released in America. The IMDb says it is also known as "The Groundhogs" (however, it is usually an American type of Marmot that is sometimes loosely called a groundhog, not, I think, the European marmot). I actually rented a French language version videotape (VHS/NTSC) in San Francisco, but since my ability to understand French is near zero, I didn't get much out of it. It seems to involve a group of friends at a ski lodge. Jacqueline plays Frederique as part of the ensemble cast.

"Les Marmottes" is not generally available on video in the US, but some specialty shops may have what I think is a Canadian release (in French). There is a Canadian retailer which lists it in their catalog. However, I ordered it more than six months ago and still have not received it. When I call, they say will check and call back. They never do. Caveat emptor.