The Knack...and How To Get It (1965) [British]

a.k.a. "The Knack"

Jacqueline can easily be spotted in several shots near the end of the film, as one of the many women lined up to see "Rory" (a man who has "The Knack"); see vidcaps and still below. I believe she also appears during the opening credit sequence, in the queue of women waiting to see "Tolen" (see first vidcap). She was an uncredited extra.

This black & white film was directed by Richard Lester, famous for his Beatles films ("A Hard Day's Night", "Help"), Musketeers films ("Three" and "Four") and other "zany" flicks (e.g., "The Bed Sitting Room"). "The Knack" was named Best Picture at the 1965 Cannes Film Festival.

The music was done by John Barry, who also did the score for "The Deep".

"The Knack" was released on video.

from opening title sequence
scene near the end
scene near the end
scene near the end
from a movie still: