The Grasshopper (1970) [American]

a.k.a.: The Passing of Evil

a.k.a.: Passions

a.k.a.: L'Amoureuse [France]

OK movie; Jacqueline has top billing, above the title ("Jacqueline Bisset in The Grasshopper"). She is in almost every scene, playing Christine Adams. The title refers to her character, who goes from a perky 19-year-old to a burned out 22-year-old, including a stint as a Las Vegas showgirl. Directed by Jerry Paris.

(14/3/2000) I recently re-watched this, and it's really not a bad picture. A somewhat exploitative B-movie, but it definitely has many good elements. I like the simple, straight-forward handling of the interracial marriage. And Jacqueline turns in a very good performance.

"The Grasshopper" is available on video; "Passions" is an alternate video title. "The Passing of Evil" is the name of the novel the screenplay is based on; it was also used for a video release. The video version I have, under the title "The Grasshopper", has to be one of the worst film-to-video transfers I've ever seen. [Update: I recently got a copy of the videotape under the name "The Passing of Evil"; it is just as bad quality, and it is recorded in SLP!]

I recently learned that it was titled "L'Amoureuse" in France.