End of the Game (1976) [Italian/German]

a.k.a. Der Richter und sein Henker

a.k.a. Getting Away With Murder

a.k.a. Deception

Jacqueline plays "Anna Crawley" in this complex crime drama. Jon Voight plays "Walter Tschantz", assistant to Police Commissioner Hans Baerlach (played by film director Martin Ritt). Walter and Anna become lovers when he investigates the death of her former lover, his predecessor (Donald Sutherland appears as the dead body!). Baerlach (who is dying) is trying to nail crime boss Richard Gastmann, portrayed by Robert Shaw.

A year later, Shaw co-starred with Jacqueline in "The Deep". "End of the Game" was directed by Maximilian Schell; he co-starred with Jacqueline in "St. Ives", also released in 1976, and in "Together?".

"End of the Game" was based on the Friedrich Duerrenmatt's novel "Der Richter und sein Henker" ("The Judge and his Hangman"), which was used as the title of the film in Germany. The film has been shown on US network television as "Getting Away With Murder" (although there is also a more recent movie with that same title). The movie has been released on video in Britain as "Deception".

"End of the Game" is not available on video; it has been shown on TV.