The Cape Town Affair (1967) [American]

a.k.a.: Escape Route Cape Town

First star billing for Jacqueline (third in the opening credits, after Claire Trevor and James Brolin). Filmed in South Africa, the movie is a remake of "Pickup on South Street". Jacqueline plays "Candy", the unsuspecting courrier for a communist spy ring; Brolin picks her purse. "Candy" has the last line in the movie: "Wanna bet?"

Produced and directed by Robert D. Webb.

"The Cape Town Affair" has been released on video, and has appeared on TV. Fox Movie Channel (FXM) has shown it. The picture of Jacqueline on the video box is not from the movie; it's from the mid-70s.
DVD It has also now been released on a cheap DVD. It's of very poor quality; it looks like someone just transferred a VHS copy to DVD. And the photos of Jacqueline and James Brolin on the cover certainly don't come from this movie.