Bullitt (1968) [American]

Another high-profile picture, with Jacqueline (as "Cathy") playing the hero's girl friend. Bullitt was directed by Peter Yates, who later directed Jacqueline in what was probably her most famous role: "The Deep".

In an interview with the cinematographer, William Fraker,, there is this interesting comment about a pivotal scene for Jacqueline as "Cathy":

ICG: I want to ask you a question about a shot in that movie. When Steve McQueen and Jacqueline Bisset pull off the road, and they're going to have their heart-to-heart talk--there's a close-up where she's hidden behind his shoulder. You just see her eyes over the top of Steve's shoulder with a long lens. It's a pivotal moment between the two characters, and she's all but obscured through most of the scene. Just at one point, over his left shoulder, you see a little bit of her eyes. How did you sell that idea?

FRAKER: It was almost an accident. When we saw it, we didn't really quite realize how powerful it was going to be until we saw dailies. Then, we fell in love with it because that's where we wanted the audience to look--right into her eyes. The eyes told the whole story. It was one of the most romantic shots in the picture, and we just wanted to soften it, take it away from reality, and put the mood in some other place.

Bullitt is available on video. A laserdisc was also issued, and a DVD was released (c.1997). All of them have her name misspelled as "Bissett" on the jacket. Finally, in 2005, a "Special Edition" Bullitt DVD was released which has her name spelled correctly.