Dangerous Beauty (1997) [American]

a.k.a.: The Honest Courtesan; A Destiny of Her Own; Courtesan; Venice

This film opened in major North American cities on Feb. 20th, 1998 (but the copyright date is 1997). It opened wider in the US within a few weeks. It has since been released on videotape, laserdisc and DVD.

On April 30, 1999, it was finally opened in theatres in the UK, under the title "The Honest Courtesan".

Jacqueline plays "Paola Franco", the mother of the title character, "Veronica Franco" (played by Catherine McCormack). The movie is based on the book, "The Honest Courtesan: Veronica Franco, Citizen and Writer in 16th Century Venice". It was reported that studio executives were afraid no one would know what a "courtesan" is, and that was part of the reason the title was changed from the working titles of "The Honest Courtesan", "Courtesan" and "Venice".

As noted above, the UK release reverted to the title "The Honest Courtesan". In Australia it was released under the title "A Destiny of Her Own"; in Italy, "Padrona del suo destino".

As of May 20th, 1998, "Dangerous Beauty" had been in release in the US for 3 months (almost 13 weeks) and had been doing respectable box-office, given the small number of screens it is playing on (about 70). The total receipts reported by "Variety" are around five million dollars.

Jacqueline promoted the movie on a lot of American talk shows. Catherine McCormack was no where to be seen -- except in one British magazine where she complained she didn't like the finished movie, because it was "too American" (Hello! you knew it was American when you took the job!).

This movie has been released on video.